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Moon Over Mi-Harry #14

Title: Moon Over Mi-Harry
Theme: #14 Radio-cassette player
Summary: Harry’s Homework is building up along with the pressures of every normal teen, can Luna help his homework load and cheer him up at the same time?
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 1294
Ratings/Warnings: PG13
Pairing: Harry/Luna

Disclaimer: I own nothing but this boatload of glaring homework. I humbly borrow these Harry Potter characters from those who own them.

A thatch of messy black hair peeked out from over the arm of a couch, followed by a pair of leaf green eyes as Harry Potter sat up and adjusted his glasses. With this action finished he stared blankly into the common room fire, his whole posture saying blatantly, ‘I’ve had a bad day; don’t talk to me.’

Not that others in his year couldn’t sympathize, he wasn’t the only one the teachers were targeting. Four tests in one day and tomorrow another quiz and two papers alone in their core classes. The teachers were probably laughing it up right at that moment.

Harry shook himself out of his funk as the fire gave a loud snap. ‘Well, moping won’t get me anywhere,’ he thought to himself. ‘I wonder if anyone else is willing to help with some of these assignments.’

He looked around, giving Ginny a small wave as she passed by with her newest boyfriend. After a talk earlier that year, Harry had finally realized, through the help from Hermione, that she had liked him as more than just a brother no matter how much she had denied it before. Harry had promptly sat her down and tried to get it through her head that he saw her as a little sister and that it would never change and after a few tears on her end she had accepted it. She had then gone out with every male in their house that asked, only exceptions being Ron, himself, and one Colin Creevey.

She had to ask him out herself with her usual blunt way after days of flirting, “Take me out.”

Colin didn’t understand what she had been doing until someone had pointed it out to him. His little brother, of all people.

She had been trying to get him jealous but Colin was too good-natured for that.

Harry still thought that the only reason Denis had told him was to take a picture of his shocked expression. Even Colin, looking back, sees how funny he looked while falling out of his seat then sputtering for a bit.

Going back to his search for schoolwork-help, he spotted Ron and Hermione, just as Ron went in for a kiss. He turned away quickly. He knew they belonged together, but really. The public displays of affection were a little disconcerting. It gave the phrase ‘you’ve got to hide your love away’ a whole new meaning.

He turned away, resigning himself to a lonely time in the library. As he made his way down from the tower he thought about all of the different assignments he had to complete.

The whole trip was to be dedicated to Potions and History of Magic. An in-depth discussion of Pelo Cleriga, or hair cleaning potion that could be used on anything that had hair; human, animal, even stuffed animals. An unnamed student was said to have received a years worth of detention for commenting that it could even clean Snape’s hair. Snape had dealt the punishment out before the last syllable of ‘Hair’ out.

History was one and a half feet on the Salem witch trials with extra credit for linking it to muggle society. Something that Hermione had called McCarthyism; linked to a play that he was probably going to sight for the extra credit, Merlin knows he needed it.

Practice was all that was required for both Transfiguration and Divinination. Harry had found that making something, as light as a feather become as dense as lead was pretty easy and he had no need to cultivate his elusive ‘inner eye’ or, as Harry liked to call it, ‘The Missing Piece’ as he had never found his in the first place.

The last assignment was for Charms and seemed to be pretty easy, charm something to play three songs or more on command. The only problem was Harry didn’t have anything permanent enough to charm this way, only candy and parchment.

‘Maybe I can ask Hermione for one of her muggle trinkets, Professor Flitwick said that it was much more complicated to cast this sort of charm on a transfigured item.’

Making his way through the books, he picked out the ones that would suit his purpose the best and staked them onto his other hand. After picking up all of his needed books, including the play ‘The Crucible’, he carried them towards the nearest empty table. He plopped the down just in time to give a small jump and the random thought of ‘Jeepers Creepers!’

Luna Lovegood just smiled serenely back at him, drawing a small smile from his end. She sat down in front of him, pulling the play out of his pile of books as he eyed her newest accessory. He raised his eyebrow at her only to be ignored in favor of the muggle play and her comment towards someone he could only assume was one of the characters, “Don’t fear the Reaper, Proctor.”

After a moment of amused silence on Harry’s end his curiosity made him ask, “New earrings, Luna?”

She looked up in his general direction, “Yes, Daddy sent them out with the latest edition of the Quibbler. They came form what the muggles call a ‘Radio.’ I thought they could help keep away the Humder-diggs, songs playing the right beat can throw them off of their own songs which can be devastating to clothes. They use the threads to make their nests, you know.”

Harry just smiled at her, nodding his head a bit. “They don’t seem to be playing anything right now.”

Luna nodded right back at him, “I know. I can’t seem to get them to play anything, but I’m sure this should be enough. They could be playing something only muggles can hear and therefore the Humder-diggs, as they can hear many things that normal witches and wizards can’t.” She then went back to reading her book.

A frown made it to Harry’s face as he strained to remember something, before he snapped his fingers and held his hand out to Luna. He smiled when she finally looked up and asked, “Mind if I use those for a bit Luna? I bet I could help you hear the tunes to make sure those Humder-things will leave you alone.”

Silvery eyes blinked at him once before she pulled out her earrings and handed the station and tuner buttons over. He smiled before performing a whispered spell as magic wasn’t supposed to be used in the library. He handed them back to her and she placed them back in her ears.

Harry explained what he had just done, “To make it so that you can hear a song play, you tap the left earring three times and then you say one of four things: ‘Twisted’, ‘Don’t’, ‘Yellow’, or ‘Speak’. Try it!”

Another slow blink and another dreamy smile later Luna reached for her left ear and tapped it twice. “Speak.” Harry smiled as the tune ‘Speak Softly Love’ started to play in the background.

Harry picked up one of the books saying, “The others are Twisted Sister by Candy Korn, Don’t Bring Me Down, and Yellow Submarine. Those last two are by some muggle bands, but they seemed rather nice when I heard them.”

Before he looked down at the book again he saw the large smile that Luna gave him and couldn’t fight a grin of happiness. ‘There’s No One like You.’

Rolling his eyes a little, he wondered just how many song titles fit his life.
The Authoress just smirked at him and continued scrolling through her sister’s iPod.

1 Save Me – Unwritten Law
2 Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand
3 You’ve got to Hide Your Love Away – The Beatles
4 Hair – The Cowsills
5 The Missing Piece – Cherish The Ladies
6 Jeepers Creepers – Johnny Mercer
7 Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult
8 Twisted Sister – Korn (The real ones, I just wizarded it up)
9 No One Like You – Scorpions
10 Speak Softly Love – The Godfather (The musical)
11 Don’t Bring Me Down – Electric Light Orchestra
12 Yellow Submarine – The Beatles