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Thursday, October 1st, 2009 10:37 pm
Title: Fire
Summary: Ever since he was a young child, Itachi had been told that he saw the world with different eyes.
Fandom: Naruto
Word Count: 813
Ratings/Warnings: K
Pairing: None
Disclaimer: I don't own this, obviously.
Ever since he was a young child, Itachi had been told that he saw the world with different eyes. Those that told him this, his family and clan, meant it literally as the Sharingan eyes that he would inherit would be the pride of the clan. But, over time, the stoic young man realized that it was true in more ways than one.

His quick mind and good instincts gave him a unique insight into both the nature of the world and of the humans that dwelt in it. He soon learned that it wasn't only his eyes that were different. He became a loner due to his genius, constantly shunted to a group that the adults thought would help his learning and belittled by those who already occupied them.

This didn't bother him as much as it would other children his age. Where other six year olds ran to their mothers when a thirteen year old made fun of them, Itachi merely observed them until they were no longer interesting to him and then turned to other matters.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that his views on other matters were just as unconventional. The one that may have affected his life the most, however, was his personal interpretation of the Elemental Countries themselves. From the instant he started learning about them, around age four, he immediately made the connections between the hidden villages' names and the countries they were stationed in. The cause and effect relationship between not only Water turning into Mist or Earth forming Stone, but the nature of Wind to create Sand was more than a little obvious to him.

But this pattern seemed to fold in upon itself once you reached the countries of Fire and Lightning, as the only Fire he'd seen had rapidly eaten through any plant life and Lightning had only come from the Clouds in the sky. Itachi mused over the inconsistencies in this pattern during his breaks between training and missions, but never gave it much more thought until the first time he had viewed these two elements up close.

Though he had learned the Fire techniques first, and could use them more than adequately, Lightning was the one he understood first. It was just after he'd become a chuunin that his team had encountered a battle on the way back from a routine escort mission. They had quickly jumped into the fray, joining their Leaf comrades in battle, when the air filled with chirping noises. Out of the corner of his eye, Itachi recognized the technique, even as he continued to fight against his own opponent. The Chidori was a fascinating technique, but not one he would risk his life just to stare at.

It was just as well that he didn't try because, in seconds, the air was filled with dust, and mere seconds later the dirt was joined by a darker cloud and the smell of something burning. Taking down his adversary, red eyes assessed the situation. Deeming it safe, the ten year old's eyes widened fractionally as he stared at the dirt still clouding his sight. That was how the Lightning spawned a Cloud, through the damage it caused where ever it struck.

It was barely a year later when, frustrated by the constant infighting and squabbling between not only the countries and villages, but the families within them, Itachi torched his favorite patch of forest. He regretted it almost immediately, putting it out within minutes, but not fast enough to save some of the larger, older trees - the only things chich grew in that area, as sunlight rarely fell onto the ground. After cleaning up the mess he had made, his mother had taught him something after all, by removing the deadened trees and some of the still smoldering underbrush, he left the area silently.

He didn't return for almost two years, the guilt of his actions keeping him from supervising the continued growth of the area, and when he did, he was too preoccupied with thoughts of his clan to really give it a good look at first. When he did, roughly fifteen seconds after his arrival, he blinked at the change that had occurred. Where there was once only large and aging trees and, later, blackened and scarred earth, now a thriving meadow grew. Long grasses shared space with wild flowers and shrubbery as a multitude of saplings raised their thin branches towards the sky. The burning may have destroyed the older trees before their time, but it made room for new growth that the large trees' greedy leaves had once choked out.

He saw how Fire could create Leaves through the destruction of the old, leaving seeds to grow naturally in the space left behind.

And, as he scratched a line through his forehead protector, he knew he had made the right decision.