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Monday, May 18th, 2009 01:17 pm
Title: Moon Over Mi-Harry
Theme: #23 Candy
Summary: Mixing the Twins, Luna, and candy was a bad idea. Harry decided to try it whenever possible.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Word Count: 1735
Rating/Warnings: PG
Pairing: Harry/Luna

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter

It was early-to-mid April and the last of the foreseeable cool Hogsmeade weekends had finally rolled around. Harry was glad that he had finished all of his homework early like Hermione had hounded him to because he loved the small bite in the air and knew he would be sad when it was gone.
He glanced over at the shorter blond next to him and smiled. Ron had finally found the courage to take Hermione into the village for a day 'Out on the Town.' The red-head had earned money at Fred and George's new shop that they opened in the village after receiving a barn full of owl orders to their Diagon Alley shop. Now, the twins' business was really booming as they tried to keep both shops running, apparating back and forth throughout the day, and inventing their purple and green spotted guts out.
In fact, that was exactly where Harry and his companion were headed at that moment. Harry had asked Luna to accompany him to Hogsmeade because going by yourself was never as fun as it was when with others. They had both asked the rest to come along as well, to make it a nice group get-together but Ron and Hermione were indisposed, Ginny was busy with her photograph loving boyfriend, and Neville had some extra Herbology lessons planned with Professor Sprout and Susan Bones from Hufflepuff. The green-eyed boy wasn't as upset with this as others in the school might have been, Luna understood him and he, well, he attempted to understand her and was having fun trying to unravel the mystery that was Luna.
Currently, he was trying to figure out how Luna planned to win a bet that she had just made with a disbelieving Hermione before the brown-haired girl had been dragged away by an enthusiastic Ron. How exactly does one prove that the one placing candy at the bottom of each student's bed was a fluffy white rabbit instead of, as Hermione had argued the whole way to Hogsmeade, the Hogwarts House Elves. Finally he just came out and asked her.
"Why, with a camera of course," Luna replied, looking at Harry as if it was the most obvious thing ever. "Haven't you ever used a camera before, Harry?"
Harry blinked before thinking back; the Dursleys had never let him touch something so important or expensive as a camera and at Hogwarts he always had other things on his mind than buying or using a camera, especially after Colin Creevey went picture happy on him. His answer came out in a slightly surprised, "No."
Luna didn't miss a beat and responded in her usual dreamy way, complete with smile. "Then we'll just have to buy one for you after we visit Frederick and George's shop of laughs."
Chuckling at her name for Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes, Harry responded with a simple, "I guess."
Walking into the store, Harry just managed to dodge out of the way of a stray firework that shot off straight at his head followed by a loud, "Heads up!"
"That looked more like a 'heads down', Frederick." Luna's response was still calm and light-hearted even though Harry had been forced to bump into her during the course of the dodge. She just smiled as Harry apologized and then started to wander around the decidedly strange store.
Some how all four of them fit in quite nicely.
This could have been because two of the four looked exactly the same and had decorated the place themselves, Harry could never seem to catch a break with the 'Normalcy' faerie, and Luna was, well, Luna.
One of the twins was just shaking his head as he looked at Luna. "I don't know how she does it. Our own mother can be convinced that I am George when we are both staring her in the face and that girl doesn't even have to look to tell which of us is which."
All Harry could do was smile and shrug at a confused looking George. "That's Luna for you," he commented, still smiling at the confused and incredulous looks the twins were sharing and then directed at him. Harry had already started walking away when it finally dawned on the two that this was one of their favorite candy test-er-tasters and a mischievous look came across their faces, unseen by the unsuspecting Harry Potter.
"Hey, Harry!" called one of the twins.
The black-haired young man turned away from what looked to be a smaller version of the sorting hat and a small plaque reading: "Grow your own sorting hat! When fully grown it can sing every sorting song from the past 25 years! Updates yearly."
"We were just wondering--," the other twin started.
"--As you just happen to be here anyway--"
"--If you would mind trying out this new--"
"--Muggle sweet we have had shipped in," the first twin finally finished.
Harry looked from twin to twin as the sentence bounced back and forth, wondering again if these two were more tiring then a tennis match, while he raised a skeptical eyebrow. "Did you... modify it in any way?"
Their innocent looks didn't comfort Harry in the least and one of the twins finally admitted, "Well, just a little."
"We wanted the name to suit the candy more than it did."
"Those Americans know how to name candy--" Fred started, only to have George continue.
"--But didn't have the guts to follow through with and action befitting the name."
Both brothers shook their heads solemnly, looking quite disappointed at said Americans. Harry just looked at them with another smile and eyebrows raised. Giving into curiosity he just shrugged and held his and out saying, "I'll try it out, but this better not ruin my good mood!"
The twins smiled, succeeding in taking every bit of sinister humor out of their expressions, and handed him a small tin wrapped chocolate with a small strip of paper sticking out the top reading: 'Hershey's' before the foil covered the paper.
Harry examined the small candy for any sort of mean trick, but eventually thought, 'The hell with it,' and unwrapped the candy carefully before popping it in his mouth. He looked over at the now smirking twins with suspicion coming back full force. 'It's just some milk chocolate, what are they waiting for?'
Just as he was about to ask just that when he saw a slightly more surprised than usual Luna being dragged towards him by some invisible force. Harry managed to get out a quickly silenced "Wha--?" before Luna's lips met his. After a blink, he felt a little more pressure being applied, thought 'Carpe Diem' with a mental shrug, and started kissing the, admittedly, pretty girl in front of him.
A cough was heard and Harry broke away to one smirking Weasley twin as his brother picked up and showed him the dropped paper that had been placed inside the wrapper. Green eyes rolled as he read the rest of the wrapper: 'Hershey's Kisses.'
"Brother of mine, we may have a problem in our candy."
"Why do you say that, oh wisest of the family?" Geogre asked, theatrically reverent.
"The candy was too strong!" Fred exclaimed.
"Oh, that's right! It's supposed to be only good for a peck on the lips."
Wicked grins appeared on both of their faces as Harry turned slightly pink and looked down at a still smiling Luna. She looked back up at him, pecked him on the cheek and then turned and asked for some more of them from 'Frederick and George.'
After a few more comments, grins, and rolling eyes, Harry was guided out of the door by the still dreamy, if not happier, Luna and headed for the 'Lights, Camera, Action' store that a muggle born had opened down the lane.
Harry grumbled as he turned over in his four-poster bed to try and get a little more shuteye in the wee hours of a soon-to-be bright April morning. Settling back in, he had almost drifted back off to the land of Morpheus when he he heard the distinct sound of plastic wrap being moved around just to the left of him.
'What in the world?' Harry tried to think, but it came out more as a sleepy, 'Wha 'n th' wurl?' even in his own mind.
Emerald eyes snapped open as he heard the sound of light hopping traveling across the dormitory floor and over to the foot of his own bed. A small munching sound could be heard beneath the sound of more plastic wrap.
Those same eyes narrowed as Harry slowly opened the heavy, red curtains at the bottom of his bed to see what the disturbance could be. Brow wrinkling in confusion, he stared at the small bunny that was dolling out different types of candy, both muggle and magical, into a little basket that was set at the foot of his bed.
Harry's eyebrows shot up as he recognized the basket from the years before and, before the rabbit could move to far, he had pulled the camera Luna had given him the day before from off of the bed side table and snapped one or two quiet pictures. Harry then left the rabbit to its own devices, satisfied it wouldn't take to any murderous tendencies like that fierce bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, turned over and went back to sleep.
'Hermione owes Luna a galleon,' was his last thought before Harry was revisited by the Sandman in the pre-dawn light.
Omake no Omake:
Speaking of which, after the young man had gone back to sleep, the Easter Bunny turned a scolding gaze at the Sandman.
"I thought you were supposed to prevent that from happening. Where were you?"
The Sandman had the decency to look sheepish before replying, "I kinda’ got sidetracked over near the edge of the world. I had to tell Apollo that you were going to be late and all, but then Aphrodite showed up and--"
The rabbit just rolled his overly-cute eyes and cut the rambling god off. "Fine, whatever. Just don't do it again and go get some more of that Sugar Sand; I'm running out of it and it's the only thing that I can line these baskets with."


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